Ken Schallenberg Photography | Services


Commercial Photography: Starting at $495

Mechanical, lighting, architectural photography services.

Headshots Session: Starting at $195

I love taking head shots. My favorite is a stark white background. I think this gives the image more 'pop'.  Easier to place on a flier, or brochure, or webpage, as well. Groups can arrange for discounts. Call so we can discuss your needs.



Real Estate Photography and Videography

Still Photos: $150-$250

My goal, in real estate photography is to document the property. Every home is different and has it's own requirements. Some will take more images some less. We can certainly fulfill your real estate photo needs.

High Definition Images, along with aerial 'bird's eye view' photos are available.

Walk-Thru Video: $150-$300

Action. More and more, I see buyers and seller wanting more action in how the listing are presented. A walk - thru video is ideal to show how the property flows, and bring the viewing of the listing to a new experience.



My Talking Card Session: $299-$399

Includes video session, delivery system set up.

What if your business card to talk!  The My Talking Card is a unique product. Plays smoothly on phones, tablet, TVs. The specially designed delivery system include the fantastic 'Calls To Action' at the end of playing. Call _, Email _, Go to _ website.

You can even embed it inot your email signature.

Consider it a replacement, or at least a compliment to a printed business card!



All our fees are subject to change. Every job is different, and packages can easily be adjusted to fit whatever budget you may have. Call us at 985-502-9233 so we discuss your photo needs.