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GEAR...Someone asked about gear ???

September 01, 2016  •  2 Comments





OK...So one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked, is "what camera do you use" ?


It's my fav question ;)

Let's start out by saying, it isn't the camera that takes good photos. It's the person looking through the viewfinder that does the magic, but now, back on topic.


I have shot a lot...A LOT , of different camera bodies, and brands over the last...ah..ah...for quite a while now !

Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and now i shoot exclusively Sony. Sony Mirrorless, to be more specific.

As technology changes so quickly, so do cameras, and what they can and can't do. It is an every evolving product.

As someone that has to rely on his gear , every single day, to perform as flawlessly as possible., it is important to have equipment, that is rock solid and holds up to the daily grind.. Different weather conditions, inside, outside, hot, cold, and so on.

I too, can get caught up in the hype, as easily as the next person, on the next 'best thing'.

Quite often, things just don't pan out the way as advertised. BUT then again,....sometimes they do.

Switching to Sony a coupe of years ago, has really been a joy, and has proven to be a great personal, and professional choice.

So below is some of the tools, I use, on any give day. Some days ...all of them ;)



Camera bodies:





This is my most asked ..what camera do you use..what camera should I buy?

If i am talking headshot/portrait, Im using my SONY A7Rll

Without a doubt, the finest camera I've ever used. It isn't perfect mind you, but in total, it is terrific.

Photos....stunning. Size/wieght...(the camera not mine), is quite nice. many, I find new ones all the time!

It is the tool I can use on any assignment, and feel confident, it will get the job done..and done well.




SONY A6300



A speed demon, and tracks like bloodhound. This is the one, I recommend , and think everyone should own!

Super fast focus, spot on tracking, eye focus ( this one is hard to believe..but it is awesome). An incredible 11 frames a second...all in the palm of your hand.






Lenses are from one extreme to the other...super wide..( never wide enough for a realtor ) 200mm or so, perfect for photos of faces.




This is the real fun part. 

In my humble opinion, if your in the photo business, taking images, in all sorts of CANNOT count on a wall outlet.

So all my lighting gear is portable, and battery powered, regardless of size or power. Not many cords to get tangles with, and solid reliability.

For those reason, I choose Elinchrom Systems. I use the Elinchrom Ranger RX AS..when I need LOTS of power. Great for photos in the bright sun, etc.


For a lighter option, I have the Elinchrom Quadra Hybrid kit. Super duper stuff.  Elinchroms produce fantastic light, but even more important, the light is consistent. The same great light, regards of the amount of battery power...that is very important.





Light modifiers:

This is too big of a topic for this blog post. Perhaps I can cover it next time in 'part deaux'.



That's it for now.....remember...









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