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WOW....Time flies

November 03, 2015  •  2 Comments

WOW...Three years have flown bye!
I thought it was a good time to start my new Blob.....I mean BLOG :0

Back in 2012, after have a crazy idea to turn my life long love for taking photographs , into a business .
Utilizing my realtor background, I found myself deep in learning the nuances of real estate photography. Before I knew it, I we on my way, and launched Photogenic Properties.

With the help of a couple of courageous agent, I found myself off to a fast start.

Shortly after starting, along came a commercial client, then another, then headshot request, get the idea.

So after all my hours of strategic planning, and website design, and focus on what I thought would occur, I was blessed to have opportunities that I couldn't have imagined, pop up.

Since I was now shooting a variety of different styles of work, including humans, I thought I should go on another direction, marketing wise.
Thus...Ken Schallenberg Photography was created, to market to a broader client base.

So many blessing to mention in this first of many blog post. From ,my lovely wife, E, who allowed me to pursue my idea, to the many clients who continue, to repeatedly call for my services.

I've always followed the rule that says if you want to be successful, you should make it a point to follow other successful individuals.

Along the way, I met some individual that left there mark, on a professional level.
While I was in thinking and learning mode, I had a chance meeting that opened my eyes.
I happened to meet, at a camera club gathering, the famous, or should I say infamous photog, Carl Edwards,( Carl Edwards Phitography), who happened to be staying in the area for a while.

He probably doesn't know it, or even has any remote idea, of what his passion for photography, or the hours long talk, while out standing in the street, talking about life, taking photos, and business, how it brought all my nervousness, and doubt to the front, and focused me like nothing else had. If that makes any sense. Just do it, as the slogan goes !

Driving home the evening, I knew that I was absolutely doing the right thing, and it was full steam ahead.

It was shortly , very shortly after that , that I started my adventure in the photo biz.
Early on , I would share some of my images with him, and ask for his view and comments. His response was usually the same..'F' .

F....who would have thought getting an F would help me so much.

It was really the first time I could see the big picture,.no pun intended. It made me mad, and more focused, and harder working,,,,but sadly, still 'F'.
UNTIL, the day when his response was "Great Job" you are now a professional photographer! My photos were pretty good. But for Carl, at least partially , it was probably the fact that I was on my belly and on my back shooting lighting for my engineer client, at a new large commercial project, that won his praise :) Doing what was needed to get ' the shot!'.

Carl is a pro, an instructor, teacher, and published photographer, and has been for many , many years. He probably won't remember the story exactly as I have stated it, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.
Now he may have been just being nice. But that encouragement was exactly the kick in the pants I needed. Confidence is everything! 


I've met some great folks, who's help has helped guide me through these first few years. Two stand out. Carl is one. We will meet the other , I'm proud to call my pal, next time.


So there it is. My first blog post. Excuse the rambling nature , please. I type and write, kinda how I think. It's just my style, I guess.

Doing what you love, and loving what you do. It makes each day, special.



Debbie Long(non-registered)
Great job and it's been great watching you grow your business and even better to have grown our friendship with you during that time too!!

Your an amazing photographer and an even more wonderful person!
Carl Edwards(non-registered)
My Dear Friend Ken,
I'm honored and a heartfelt thank you goes out to you Ken for all of the nice things you've said about me and my work here. It's an amazing feeling, one I've humbly had often in my life(40 yrs as a pro) to be an inspiration to another artist to pursue his/her dreams, whatever they may be, just as I did.
I didn't begin my interest in photography until I was in my mid 20s, didn't own a camera, didn't have the "bug", but on one amazing day while reading my girlfriends Vogue Magazine I had an epiphany that would literally change my life forever and wonderfully so. After reading that magazine, I closed the back cover and turned to my love and simply said...

"I'm going to be a fashion photographer and shoot for Vogue"

I did't just go out and buy the best camera and start shooting, but instead researched and enrolled in a college that taught commercial photography and a little fashion. Later after graduation, I spend 3 years learning from the "big boys" as an assistant in the auto studios in Detroit($150 per wk, 60-70 hrs) and then set out on my own in the early 80s in Dallas with Women's Wear Daily and "W" Magazines and some 8 right incredible years latter... started my first shoot for Vogue and so many great clients before and to follow. I've lived my dream, did it right, was realistic in my goal that I'd set high, and most of all, never lost focus(no pun intended) and where I was going, never a part time job. I was a fashion photog, later to be an automotive photog, and never considered it going any other way.

And you all can too. (a little talent helps too)

"do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"

You're well on your way Ken, I'm seeing and enjoying watching your artistic progress for several years now and if I had anything to do with inspiring another artist like yourself... then I'll have lived not one but two dreams out in what has been an incredible life.

Good luck to you Ken, and to all of you that know, feel there's more deep inside just waiting for you to discover.

Go for it.


Carl Edwards Photography
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