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Another blessing...

November 08, 2015  •  6 Comments



So as I mentioned last time, there are a few folks that have really influenced my growth as a photog.

Last post, I talked about my friend, Carl.

This time, I will be taking about my pal, Will Crockett.

Will is a long time photog, who has shot movie stars, and presidents, and even me :)

I first saw him, watching some education video about lighting. His confidence and professionalism was quite evident .

He is a master photographer, lighting guru and coach, as well as, a master printer. 

As I mentioned last post,  I am a firm believer in learning from those who have been successful, no matter what business endeavor your are pursuing. day, i would like to meet Will, and more importantly, have him meet me ;-)


Much to my surprise, one night i am surfing the web, only to find that Crockett is going to be in New Orleans the next day. WHAT THE HECK !!

Sold way....I can't let that stop me.  SO......I make my way to the venue early the next morning. No more tickets..heck !! Then I hatch a plan..go get a coffee...hang out .,,,and barge in :)...Sounds good to me! 

Hey.there he is,,,WC himself....going into the classroom...So I patently wait ,to gain enough courage to enter.  I proceed to stalk the back of the room.until I got up the nerve to ask.."ANY MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE," i say!  Crockett looks up over his red glasses ,and says,,,,,'theres always room for one more!!" BINGO! I'm in...and I just happen to sit right on the other side of the laptop screen. :) When he peers over his Mac....he's looking at me ..PERFECT!! I spent that day, asking all the questions I had no answers for. He answered everyones questions. It was a fun day.

We have become pals. He has given me way more F's than I got from Carl, too, sadly. Watching and learning from Will , and seeing the new technology in cameras, is the reason I  eventually switched to mirrorless cameras. He taught me tons about lighting, video, LEDs  and on and on. 

Early on, I had the pleasure of him taking one of my shoots, and tearing it apart on a 20 minute 'youtube' video, for the who world to see. AWESOME :)  Specular highlight, Shadows...hey, I;m learning here !! OK!

If I have a question, he is always there to answer. He has been a true blessing in my growth as a professional photographer.

I've gotten better, faster, more focused, more successful, and certainly, more confident, thanks to Will C.

I'm proud to call him my mentor, and my pal.



So one day a couple of months ago, I'm driving Will and we are heading to spend the day shooting a plantation on the river. I"m lost on some backroad, in the middle of nowhere, between rows and rows of sugar cane fields. All of a sudden Crockett yells out.."STOP..STOP THE CAR..HURRY".  What's wrong I say? His reply...."the lighting Is perfect..look at that sky...get out..stand in that my back for alligators"...and bam..

Image created by Will CrockettImage created by Will Crockett©Will Crockett

I now have a new headshot of my own, taken by crazy Will Crockett himself.

Till next time..BE AWESOME !


Debbie Alexander(non-registered)
You inspire many, Ken! Thanks for sharing that.
Zella Walker(non-registered)
Hey, reading that was just like having lunch, but without the sushi! I loved it! Beautiful head shot by your mentor!
Debbie Long(non-registered)
great pic my friend! Love your passion for photography! Your a wonderful example of why people should love what they do and do what they love!!
SUSAN AMEEN(non-registered)
This was priceless and what a fabulous picture! YOU are a treasure!
Pete Pericone(non-registered)
Enjoying your blogs
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