Headshots...Wall Street or Hollywood

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I get asked a lot to shoot headshot photos. To be honest, it's a lot of fun. Challenging at times, but always an exciting time, and is my favorite thing to do, photo wise.

I try to make it as fun as possible, and as quick as possible , since everyone has a busy schedule, myself included.

I thought I would give my take, on my style of shooting humans :)

I break it down , to my usual simple way of thinking. ...Wall Street or Hollywood??

Both have there place, and both are equally demanding for the photographer, albeit in different ways. But this discussion is about offering my take on one or the other.

Wall Street, to me, is a bit more of a traditional look. Typically, attorneys, doctors, bankers, etc. call for this type of image. Using a  main light coming from one direction, and a little fill light from the opposite. Maybe, maybe not, a gradient swath of light, behind the subject, making them stand out from the background. A classic , standard in the photo biz.


Hollywood , means light...LOTS OF LIGHT!  This is my all time fav way of shooting. The images are vibrant, fresh, and contemporary looking.This lighting produces  less shadows. Bright images, that pop!

Let's take a realtor that is looking for a new photo, for their website, or business card. When I am asked about doing a session...my response is...WHITE background....really WHITE :)

Here is my thinking. The vibrant image, on a crisp hi key background, offers a lot to advantages to a realtor. 

For instance. It's a much cleaner look, to  use this type of  image on a new business card, or even on a property flier, than it is to use a photo, lets say, with a tree growing out of the agents head..( i see that a lot :0), or other distracting elements in the photo, that take away from the impact of the agents smiling face.

Same thing goes for website headshots. To me..the white background photo has IMPACT. 


The photo can always be photoshopped to have a different colored background, as seen here. My point is, the white background makes can produce a terrific, natural looking shot, and offers a great starting point, should changes be wanted or needed down the road.




But for me...WHITE...., it is just an awesome look. 

If your in need of a new look, a new headshot, or new images for your website, let's chat!



Till next time....remember....



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